What Do I Expect From You?

I am responsible for the realistic nature of my own expectations. I am not responsible to meet your expectations of me.  When you visit my site I expect:

  • you will develop more character than you had before arrival here just by being open to new awareness’s
  • you may not understand my humor
  • you won’t have had identical experiences to each of those expressed by others
  • you could help many other people by changing your disposition and sharing your emotions and thoughts
  • you might not see the value of a site which endeavors to create a platform of non-disease-specific support for caregivers
  • you can do it!

Here are the beginnings of two sentences which might define a person’s levels of empathy and compassion based on how they complete the lines:

“When you need help…” and “When I need help …”.
I expect to create a site which will give people the gumption to change for the better.
Would you please complete those lines, visit (read) https://caregivermanuals.wordpress.com, and post your responses there?
I expect that it’s going to take some time and courage before individuals will buy into the concept of contributing meaningful and comforting support to a site with shared responsibilities for it’s development and growth. It’s got to start somewhere. Why not now and with you?

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